Write On!

As I began my journey to write a book I first started by looking up every podcast or article I could that would help me outline the process. I never intended to come out the gate with a fiction novel, but as I began to brainstorm the topics and issues that were flowing from me at this time I realized that what I have to say may be a little too hard to digest if addressed “head on”. Hence Nicolette, or Nico for short, was born. But more about her and her story in another post.

Right now I just want to share many of the websites and podcasts that have been especially helpful to me as I pushed to make simple thoughts a reality. Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction the first step is to just START WRITING and work out all the details later.

Here’s the list:
Michaelhyatt.com, Episode #065: Why You – Yes, YOU – Should Consider Writing a Book Podcast – HERE

Quickanddirtytips.com – How to Write Your First Novel podcast (Only 7 minutes long this is a quick and inspirational listen) – HERE

Partnered with this website be sure to subscribe to the “Grammar Girl” podcast.

Seanclark.com – How to Write A Book to Market Your Business w/Joanna Penn Podcast – HERE

TheCreativePenn.com – How to Write Your First Book w/Joanna Penn Podcast – HERE

Sidebar: As I learn more about this Joanna Penn person I realize that she’s pretty much a BEAST and someone we can all learn a lot from as it relates to writing both fiction and non-fiction. As you listen to these podcasts you will also become aware of many self-publishing options, community websites to develop and maintain marketing traction, and different options for marketing globally.

Forbes.com – Nick Morgan writes a full article outlining what you would need to know if you’re thinking about writing a book. I’ve highlighted five of his key points on WHY you should write, but feel free to read the whole article.
1) To establish yourself as an expert in the field.
2) To become a professional public speaker in your field (this is where I’m headed).
3) To satisfy your inner need to get it down on paper.
4) To create a public persona and personal brand in order to succeed in your field of endeavor.
5) To create marketing oomph.

Theguardian.com – How to write the first draft of a novel in 30 days. – HERE
(Also – perhaps you and I can do NaNoWriMo together this year – wuduyah say???)

Scottberkun.com – Confessions of a Self-Published Author – HERE

Subscribe to this podcast – Reading and Writing Podcast – Hear from a different fiction author each week. Hear how they opened their books, hear about their process and their encouragements.

Subscribe to this podcast – This American Life – While the whole podcast is not about writing but more about the lives of others, listen and learn how to tell a story. There are many points where others read their own writings and stories. I am inspired each week. Every Sunday night I wait for the newest podcast to release. If you go on their website you have access to their whole archive of amazing work. Be inspired!

And for the kid novel lover in all of us – JudyBlume.com – On her website she speaks to her own process of writing, how she handled rejection, getting published, and more…

So…WRITE ON! Do you know of any other great resources for new authors and writers? Put them in your comments. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Write On!

  1. Writing can make you feel lonely….my advice would be to socialize after any good writing session. Writing can be one of the most depressing things one can. Like Hemingway said, just sit in front of a typewriter and start bleeding. The way i see it, you are the most honest with yourself when you write, and that can prove devastating…. my advice would be to listen to music after a good writing session. The feeling of nostalgia conduced by the music would make you remind you of good times….

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