While Nursing

-Before I start, let me just say that this post may be a little all over the map. I’m not sure if this is a post about nursing, about writing, or about just catching up. Maybe it’s all those things. Whatever it is, thanks for taking this journey with me.

I do a lot of things while nursing our daughter in the middle of the night (keep reading for my nursing setup at the bottom). I read a ton of Mommy blogs, I ask and answer a host of questions about how well I’m doing as a Mom, I listen to podcasts (I’ll list my favorites later in this post), I do my devotionals in the Bible app, but mostly I think…and the think…and think…

I was thinking about how I hadn’t written anything. How I started this website, made grand plans and declarations, and then stopped. My last post was in March. When I announced this site I was one month pregnant so I told you many things but I did not tell you that. I thought, “oh this will be a great time to keep writing, to blog, to chronicle my thoughts…” But then I got sick…really sick. As a matter of fact, my entire pregnancy was a whole lot of being sick one way or another and nothing else mattered except just getting through the next day or the next doctors appointment or the next month. I suddenly had to implement a host of “pill management” and I became singularly focused. So that novel I was writing…stuck at 18,000 words. This website…became dusty. My plans of pursuing my LAPC after graduating with my counseling degree…on pause.

But I do a lot of things when I nurse, like think, and tonight I thought…”It’s time to move on.”

She’s here. She’s here and she’s beautiful and she has stolen my heart in ways I never thought were possible. I have a little more resolve and direction about the kind of Mom I will be now so it’s time to write again, to move again, to shake again. You’ll hear more about that journey in other posts – the big and the small.

For now here are some of my favorite podcasts that help get me through those middle of the night nursing and pumping sessions. By the way, I invested in some inexpensive Bluetooth headphones to make listening while nursing a lot easier. Nothing harder than trying to navigate a little one in your arms with cords hanging down all over you and them. Anyway…

1) Serial
2) This American Life
3) Radiolab
4) The Dave Ramsey Show
5) Trackstarz Radio
6) The Mark Gungor Show
7) Marriage Today w/Jimmy and Karen
8) Grammar Girl

What podcasts do you listen to?
If you’re a nursing Mom, do you do anything while nursing?

My nursing corner consists of:
1) A tall bottle of water
2) Minty gum to help wake me up
3) Headphones and phone
4) A cushy place to sit w/footrest
5) A small nightlight stuck in the wall in order to keep the room mostly dark
6) Wipes and moisturizer as this is usually the easiest time to clean her neck folds with the least resistance (while nursing during the day)

Do you have other items in your nursing corner that I haven’t mentioned?

Anyway, my writing bug is back.

No more excuses.

7 thoughts on “While Nursing

  1. I’m not nursing I’m the night anymore..praise Jesus!!! But during the day I will scroll through facebook, think, write mental list, or just stare at him.

    Glad to see you are back writing. I look forward to reading here…and I have been thinking about blogging my 2015 journey. ..you might have helped motivate me to really do it.

  2. Belle says:

    Thanks for the post… I usually just stare at her and think while I breast feed… Now I’m thinking I could use that time more efficiently. Thanks

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