Bath Time

Soooo….about bath time…

Not really working out for us.

It’s been seven weeks. I’ve had the chance to transition from the mere wipe downs to actually butt-in-water baths. I’ve done it by myself, I’ve done it with my husband, I’ve done it with another experienced mom, I’ve done it with baby bath up high on the counter, I’ve done it by sitting baby bath in the larger bathtub, I’ve done it using the spray hose, I’ve done it by scooping water with a cup, I’ve done it by pre-heating the room first, I’ve done a lot of things!

Finding a flow has been difficult no matter how I switch it up. Holding her with one hand and cleaning her with another, I’ve found, does not allow me to really, truly get into the crevices that need the most attention.

Sooo…I go to my mommy blogs. What does the interwebs have to say about bathing a newborn? What videos can I watch? Dear Mommies of the world…HELP ME!

I feel like I’ve found something and I’ve created a flow that will work for us…for now.

I’ve decided to still do the water baths about twice a week, as she is beginning to find the water a little soothing, she needs to get used to it, and that’s when I wash her hair. But, her many, many neck folds, creases behind her ears, wrinkles in her armpits, and intricate innards of her most delicate private parts needed a different plan. No way was my little one allowing my one free hand to navigate into those hard-to-reach places. Even with Dads help, our awkward dance around the bathtub and her squirmy body created a real challenge.

So here’s the plan…

I saw on this Mommy YouTube channel an idea to daily use cotton balls and a cup of warm water on those tiny places during one of her changing sessions in the morning. I tried it for the first time the other day and it was perfect. My little one is high on the changing table, I have use of both hands, the bag of cotton balls and cup of water are propped within reach, and all her hard-to-reach places are readily at my disposal.

I use a different cotton ball for each of her eyes, and another for her face. I’ll grab another two for behind her ears (ewww the grime that gets back there), and then another set of two for each of her armpits. Cotton balls for her hands (I recently discovered a whole new world of cheese in between each finger – sheesh) and two more for her feet. One cotton ball cleanses her frontside, another for her backside, and then I tackle the mother of it all…her neck.

Oh her neck. It is a breeding ground for stinky cheese. I was never sure how children ever inherited the name “Stink stink” but it’s clear to me now. Keeping her neck clean and free from the stinks has been an immense battle. I have to admit it…that girl’s head is STRONG and sometimes she clamps down so hard to keep my fingers out that she wins. I just let her win and she lives to be stinky another day. As I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes I’m clever enough to get to clean one side a little easier if I have the supplies around me while she’s nursing. But even then, just when she seems most preoccupied, the moment I touch that neck, her shoulder comes up and access DENIED.

But now she’s mine. On the changing table, I’ve got both hands, and victory will be had.


I’m learning one ingredient is very key. I never thought I would have to do this of my newborn, but it’s real. And what is that ingredient?

Ask permission.

Yup, I ask permission. I show her the cotton ball. I gently touch her close to her neck first to put down her guard. I smile and explain what I need to do. I try to get her smiling back…AND I GO IN FOR THE KILL!

Oh…sorry, I mean, I swiftly but gently remove the stinky cheese from those folds. Finish up with a moisturizer, baby massage and leave feeling satisfied.

Baby in the bathtub hath no power over me.

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